Alaska seafoodAlaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is the interprofessional association which represents the Alaskan fishing industry. With headquarters in Juneau, Alaska and offices in Seattle, Barcelona, Paris, London, Tokyo, and Beijing. ASMI promotes Alaska seafood products with educational, research and advertising programs in its principal markets.

ASMI is one of the major participants of the Market Access Program administered by the Foreign Agricultural Service of US Department of Agriculture

Alaska: always wild, always natural

Alaska is fish country. For thousands of years, the fishes of Alaska’s seas and rivers have supported human use, from fisheries used by Alaska’s indigenous Native peoples since prehistoric times, to today’s modern seafood industry. Alaska is home to abundant stocks of many species of fish, and offers some of the cleanest marine, freshwater, and upland habitats in the world. Effective state and federal institutions manage fisheries that are productive and sustainable, clean and healthy. Alaska is the only State in the USA whose Constitution explicitly mandates that all fish, including salmon, shall be utilized, developed, and maintained on the sustained yield principle.